To become a Indsafrian

You will need to have an open mind to constantly learn and an open heart is driven to improve.

Join us in our mission to imagine and innovate a better world by partnering and working with some of the best Brands, Organizations, thought leaders & change-makers, both big and small. To solve business and social problems using creative and critical thinking.

We’re looking for people who can Work hard. Be real. Feel proud, but stay humble, who are as excited as we are to help build the community that empowers the future generation of creators and innovators to be successful.

Indsafri Values


We believe in sharing an honest opinion, delivered with respect, to build trust and progress. We always assume positive intent because we believe that all feedback helps us learn and is shared in a genuine effort to help us grow.


IndSafri believes in the spirit of exploration and this curious energy is in our culture of diversity and experimentation, we learn from our successes, our heroic failures, and each other. For us, it’s an adventure, a journey to learn and find something new.


The victory of Indsafri depends on the ownership of every Indsafrian. We all own Indsafri together and compete to achieve results that benefit everyone, not just specific teams or individuals. We are fearless and we strive to protect our people and the human spirit of imagination and innovation.


We always act with integrity and compassion. We do what we say and we admit when we make mistakes and endeavour to make things right again.


Entrepreneurial Community

We aspire to build a community of leaders, with a growth mindset to identify and make the most of opportunities, overcome and learn from setbacks, and succeed in a variety of settings. We encourage the ability to see things differently than the rest of the world but, it is not necessarily an inherent trait and can be easily developed or improved. It is more like a state of mind that opens your eyes to new learning opportunities and helps you grow in your role as go-getters and problem solvers.

Work-life Harmony

We believe that quality time outside the work is vital to our people’s quality of life and the Imaginative and innovative mindset we are trying to nurture. We encourage team members to work whenever they want as long as they achieve the tasks and end goals. Indsafrians also can pursue their creative passions and side hustles or use the network to start their own Social or entrepreneurial venture.

Everyone is a partner

We’re serious about sharing Indsafri’s successes. All members receive an equity package in the company as part of their total compensation after the successful completion of 2 years. We match up to 4% of a team member’s annual salary + Service coupons & referral commission.  Stay for five years and become eligible for a sabbatical. Did we mention that we pay employees for their referrals? So, when you come on board, don’t hesitate to introduce us to other amazingly talented people.

We’re just getting started. Join us as we continue to scale, expand our partnerships and build the world’s first imagination & innovation hub.

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